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solved: Parenting ArcRotateCamera in VR-Mode fails


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I want to use an ArcRotateCamera where the position and direction of the camera is determined by a parent object like in this rollercoaster playground where the player can additionally look around. So far so good, thaks to the creator @jerome I guess.

I'd like to extend this szenario with a barrel distorted stereo output (using cameraRigMode_VR), but parenting the camera to an object (wagon in case of the playground) does not work, stereo output works, but no parenting.

Can someone give me  a hint please?

Thanks in advance





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Uhhhh hard to find but easy solution, answering myself: in case using anyVR-camera (includes using RigMode_VRXXX ) there is an array created with two new cameras instantiated, one for the left  and one for the right eye.

The solution is: 



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:)  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/31278-parent-mesh-with-vrdeviceorientationfreecamera/

Ever use forum search?  heh.

Just havin' fun with ya.  Don't take is seriously.  :)  Really, thanks for sharing/teaching... I love it.

Umm, umm... be sure to read my last post in that thread.  I was astral-projecting (out-of-body) when I wrote it, so it was probably being typed by a dead coder, and they are usually much smarter than I.  Might be worthy of heeding... but no promises.

As best I can tell, it talks about how to avoid having your eyeballs bang-into each other... when looking hard-left/right.  :)

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