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Invisible ground, yet has shadows


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Hey,  I was looking for a topic that I cannot seem to find.  In 2017 for sure, I thought June, I was a scene in a topic where there was a character and a shadow on the "ground".  You could not tell that there was even a ground plane.

I am in the process of casting / receiving shadow, an do not anticipate a problem there, but cannot get the material to blend perfectly with the scene.clearColor.  Anyone remember or know the topic?

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@Sebavan, thanks.  I just tried this. did get an error when I have a lines mesh in the scene:


This is a large amount of computer generated code for my implementation of Particle Hair which is implemented as a LinesMesh subclass.  I panicked for a second since the plan is to release 3.0 very soon, then found the code line which caused it to get added to the render list and manually deleted it.  Some aiming / polishing required, but works.

I only bring this attention, as there is perhaps a way to defensively handle this.

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I'm struggling to get this working correctly with the 3.1 alpha. Still seeing:

BJS - [00:59:47]: Babylon.js engine (v3.1-alpha) launched
pen.js:47 Uncaught TypeError: BABYLON.ShadowOnlyMaterial is not a constructor
    at createScene (pen.js:47:21)
    at pen.js:82:13

Looks like I'm missing something obvious.

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