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[solved] warrning about standardmaterial and custommaterial developing


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hi @Deltakosh

i saw some main uniform   ( like vDiffuseUV ) is changed in standardMaterial

this is why i want design custommaterial pattern inside of standard material because when we change standard material we just change .ts version 

and not change  shader version all material Library use own shader but custom material supposed to use base shader 

i have solution for fix that but i need change that in standard material else i most make fixed version of standard material for V3 and make custom material from this

so what is your recommend about that  ?

sol 1 :  append custom material shader parts to main shader Version?

sol 2 : make fixed version of standard material and inherited from them for make custom material [ in this case standard material changes not set by each  changes ]



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Hello my friend,

I cannot guarantee the standard material will remain unchanged from the point of view of the shader. It is a central piece of babylon.js and it is where most of the optimizations happen

Unfortunately I see no good solution from your point of view. I will try to keep it stable but there is no guarantee here.


You solution #1 is not applicable as I do not want to take a dependency on an extension

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thanks :D you always answer 

it is true but for keep update i need  make repository pattern ( without inherited ) so i make StandardMaterial2 (maybe different name ) -> copy with last version and make custom shader from this

so we update it after any 6 month i think this is good solution 


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