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Problem with Blender and BabylonJS


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Hello. I'm new to BabylonJS and Blender but I've already played a little bit with both.

I've downloaded a table (.3ds file) from www.steelcase.com and imported it into Blender.

Then I've exported it as a .babylon file and tried to use this file in my .html. But it looks weird (because the table is build with planes I guess?)


Can anyone help me to solve this?




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@baembaem : Welcome to the BJS forum :)

Hard to tell from from images what the problem might be. (normals?).

I looked at the source of your file - but there are pages of 3d  table and chair models, so it would be better if you could post your actual .blend file.

cheers, gryff :)

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@baembaem : Well, I looked at your model , and as I suggested the normals are all over the place :wacko:

The attached image is one of the meshes (the drawer) shown in "Edit" mode in Blender. I have turned on "Backface Culling" (as @V!nc3r suggested) and set Blender to show face normals (red boxes). Looking just at the "bottom" of the drawer, faces 1 and 3 have the normals facing up, but faces 2 and 4 the normals facing down (and those two triangles have no surface from the current view in Blender).:(

Depending on  what you want to do you with this model, you could fix this in Blender - probably tedious as you will have to check and flip  normals in all parts of the model and possibly add a "Solidify Modifier".

Or, as the object only has three materials,  you could export the model from Blender and when you have it loaded into your BJS scene add the following type of code:

var aMat1 = scene.getMaterialByName("Mat1");
aMat1.backFaceCulling = false;

for each of the three materials

Hope that helps.

cheers, gryff :)


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To make sort of fix into Blender, I suggest to join all meshes together, and in edit mode doing a recalculate normals (Ctrl + N), then a remove doubles ( W > R), it seems to work.

But in this case with such a bad base model, I strongly suggest to use this .3ds only as reference, and remodeling from scratch a new model :)

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