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PIXI Matrix, Skew live Generator Tools ???


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Hi everyone
Is there a tool to generate a live preview of the Matrix PIXI.
I'm talking about being able to preview live the transformation of a sprite, and get the code.
I find it very long and hard to do a lot of rending testing each faith to search the good behavior.
It would be really great if someone could make a small live generation tool. (HTML)

i made a sample on PS To help understand my need.


I hope this overview helps to understand.
Ideally, it be something similar to this awesome tools by Karl Matt (bigtimebuddy)

I would be very happy if a similar tool would exist.


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13 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

The sample shows that you dont understand skew :) You can get only parallelograms, its an affine transform and not 3d perspective. Skew is the same as in css.

Btw, I prefere to use spine's "shear" instead, which is just rotation of X and Y axises. Hope to add it in pixi v5 :)

can we do this with pixi sprite?


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2 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

There is no perspective in vanilla pixi. 

Ask @finscn, he had a plugin for it somewhere. Or use my fork, https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi.js , but its based on pixi 4.0.0-alpha, demo: https://gameofbombs.github.io/pixi-bin/index.html?s=flip&f=cards.js&title=Cards

ok i will check.
My engine on node.js run with pixi 4.4.1

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That depends on how good is implementation, look at "proposals" in wiki menu at the right of the page: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki . Right now there's no 3d sprites proposal yet, I'll make it later.

PIXI team has high standarts, we cant integrate every feature people ask, because some implementations can really break whole library and make it only worse. "Why cant you just add perspective?" - "try it, then look at how ugly your implementation is, and how much code was changed because of it".

For example, people asked for z-index or z-order for a long time, and it was rejected because it could break a lot of things. Now we have pixi-display implementations and proposal for it.

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In fact I do not know why we talk about 3d.
It is simply 4 point scales. !
we have no Z Axe here , only a manual scale 4 per point limit
I made a fast gif here to show .
We have only XY AXE with a anchor to center.



If I understand correctly, pixi only allows the scale by 2 points and not 4 ?

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