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Add mesh to mouse cursors movement


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Hey guys,

I'm very new to babylon JS and I've a problem with understanding how to add a mesh to the cursors movement. Here is an example: 

I've created a playgroud: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#S0BZWE

The mesh is changing its size and isn't always in front off all other meshes as shown in the exampel (matterport).

Can somebody give me some light?

Thanks in advance

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Hi and a warm welcome from me to the forum. Perhaps this will help you https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#S0BZWE note that the ground mesh is necessary.

Top right of playground gives a number of useful examples.

However I do not see what the link you gave to matterport has to do with a mesh and cursor movements just a video that plays and a background that changes automatically. What am I missing?

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Hi John,

Many thanks for your response.
You dont have to start the video. You can move with the mouse through the house.
When you move the mouse, in the video, you have a blue circle that glides over the objects in the scene. This effect I would like to copy with babylonjs. 
Maybe ray traicing helps here. But here, too, I am still very inexperienced.

Thanks a lot.

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