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The Curious Adventure Of The Babylon Instances


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I've been working on creating low poly tree assets for a game that I am very slowly trying to develop. I know there are various scripts for tree creation but I wanted something a little more Canadian, so I wondered what I could do with Blender and instances.

So I took a look at the BJS demo of trees that uses instances. Opening the debug layer on this scene seemed to produce odd results.(see Image below).:unsure:

1. As I move around the scene the number of draw calls keeps changing - the highest I get is 102, yet the total number of meshes is 107.:o   Why does the number keep changing and why so high?

2. The debug layer indicates that there 7 textures used but looking at what the textures are indicates that four of them are the same :o ?

These type of results I get if I use the Sandbox with my own scenes

gryff sits back in his chair wondering what the forum Sherlocks are thinking ;)

cheers, gryff :)

PS And if you "want to go down in the woods today",here is my scene with trees (2 different trees, 100 of each  so 2x the BJS demo in terms of meshes). I have included some stats including drawcalls which never gets above 5 (two for each tree and 1 for the terrain).



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I did a pretty bad job with this demo as it is not really clear to understand.

Let me fix that :)

The trees are all rendered using 1 single draw call. All the time.

So you may ask...what the heck are the other draw calls? They are for the ground :) In order to optimize collisions, the ground is subdivided into multiple submeshes (something around 256 if I remember correctly). 

To see it, just use the inspector and disable the ground mesh (actually there is a crash in the inspector if I do it :), let me ping @Temechon for that )



For the textures this is likely a bug in the inspector. Our inspector lord will check it soon :)

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