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Multi texture Batching not improving performance and some devices have graphical glitches


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I tried multitexture batching using Richard tutorial with hopes that the performance will be improved


I made the test on my demo using phaser 2.8.2


(Demo is not updated with multi texture batching yet)

Draw calls are a lot less now but I don't see any performance improvement. On some devices that I tested it is is also showing graphical glitches with several of the sprites.

Canvas is still the faster render option on all the devices I try phaser on.

Why is this? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

I tested on Ipad 3 and Nexus 6p. I made other tests on the past with slower android devices and canvas is always the best option.


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It seems like if WebGL (without MTB) runs poorly on whatever device, then that is likely due to the graphics hardware of that device not being good enough, though this still seems weird as it isn't like we are doing anything crazy like 3D with it.

I do get much better performance on desktop using MTB compared to without it, but on desktop what does it even matter, since it can probably handle anything you throw at it anyway.

If canvas is more CPU dependent, then I think it would make sense for mobiles to perform better.

I just force canvas for everything now, as it much more consistent and reliable.


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Yes, with texture batching and reduced draw calls fps are still under 60. I don' see any improvement. 

Glitches appear if I define setTexturePriority.

I'll upload my testings later. Now I'm trying to use compressed atlas textures but there is not a lot of documentation about this.

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I did a lot of testing and started noticing that older games made with Phaser worked better on the ipad 3 that newer. I tried using Phaser 2.4.6 and now it is working a lot faster!

Is there a problem with Phaser Ce that is making it slower?

Edit: I did a little more testing and it starts working slower with the first Phaser CE version 2.7.5. It is 30 fps and slower.

The same game using Phaser 2.6.2 goes between 50 and 60 fps. 

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