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David Higuita

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Hi, Is good idea today use panda.js?, so I understand that panda isn`t updated and in the repo las commits are of three years ago, and I am studying Pixi.js and I have many questions and dicumentations isn't enought, so for example I want to use scenes, make good animations but with pixi has been complicated for me. Thanks.

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Hi @David Higuita

I've been using other engines for a while because I haven't seen @enpu here for a while, but he does in fact make regular updates to the 'develop' version on github.

@enpu has recently let us know that he was busy working on other projects, but is back to working on Panda :)

Panda is one of the best engines that I've used and I've decided to come back to it. I'd love to see this community grow a little bit as Panda is too good not to be used.

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try and help!

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@Ninjadoodle Great, so really at the begining I think pixi is good, but when I seen Panda.js I loved it, so has many good things, for example better way to make animations, scenes, etc.
Now I am testing Pixi to make many games, but really I have had many problems, and have been some hard make animations fine. Knowing this, I have only one question in this moment, What framework (or library) is better to mane games (pixi, the current version of panda (or wait next updates), or what option )?
I mean, we need an option to learn the basic quickly, so I have used pixi almos two weeks and really my advances aren't so good and I need this weekend get a demo. 


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@David Higuita

I've tried a lot of the frameworks and engines out there, and everyone is different, but I've always loved Panda the best.

Pixi isn't really a game frameworks, so you will have to do a lot of the heavy lifting yourself.

I have a couple of games I've made with Panda a couple of years ago and they still work ... even on old phones.



Panda is very is to use :)

Let me know if you need anything else.


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