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Physics Movement Is Gounded


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Does anyone know how to tell/check if the object the physics state attach to is 'grounded' or 'airborne'...

I need to check if I'm on the ground for movement and jumping... Unity has a CharacterController.isGrounded flag they use to check for such things.

Do we have ANYTHING like that so I can check if my player character is grounded or airborne ???

Yo @Deltakosh yet another one for ya :)


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I saw the collide.... I actually use that for all my physics collision... But seems expensive to collide with everything to see if I'm grounded or not.

What I am actually trying to do is create some "Downloadable Content" for the Toolkit... So far I got Particle systems and material libraries done.

But now I am try to create a 'MovementController' class ... which will function like the Unity CharacterController... It is responsible for all the movement and meant to be used by other components... So you could attach a MovementController to an object and then create a PlayerController that has the main player logic and use this.getComponent("BABYLON.MovementController") from the player controller to get reference to movement controller and do whatever... Just like you would in a unity game... I also added AUTO User input support right on the Movement controller to actually handle getting the user input and moving accordingly.

I have TWO problems I gotta work out... First... I Gott a tell when I'm on the ground (or grounded) I need this to NOT allow DOUBLE JUMPING in the air...

Also I want the player to lookAt the horizontal and vertical direction the user input is... So I use mesh.lookAt ... BUT IT SNAPS TO THAT ROTATION to look at

the direction... its way too fast look funny to SNAP from left to right instead of rotating a little slower....  @Deltakosh got any ideas for me here :)

Here is my current MovementController.ts script design to be attached to ANY 'Actor' to give movement... Please look at how I could check to see if grounded or ANY OTHER WAY to handle jumping... And what can I do about the mesh.lookAt so it does not SNAP to that look at direction but rotates to that direction...

Think Third-Person Controller :)


/* Babylon Character Movement Controller Component */
/* <reference path="{*path*}/Assets/Babylon/Library/babylon.d.ts" /> */

module BABYLON {
    export class MovementController extends BABYLON.MeshComponent {
        public enableInput:boolean = true;
        public autoTurning:boolean = true;
        public moveSpeed:number = 5.0;
        public jumpForce:number = 5.0;
        public dropForce:number = 20.0;
        public rotateSpeed:number = 0.085;
        public isGrounded():boolean { return this._grounded; }
        public getVelocity():BABYLON.Vector3 { return this._movementVelocity; }
        public onUpdateMovement:(velocity:BABYLON.Vector3, horizontal:number, vertical:number, mousex:number, mousey:number, jumped:boolean)=>void = null;

        private _grounded:boolean = true;
        private _inputVelocity:BABYLON.Vector3 = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero();
        private _movementVelocity:BABYLON.Vector3 = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero();
        public constructor(owner: BABYLON.AbstractMesh, scene: BABYLON.Scene, tick: boolean = true, propertyBag: any = {}) {
            super(owner, scene, tick, propertyBag);
            this.autoTurning = this.getProperty("autoTurning", true);
            this.moveSpeed = this.getProperty("moveSpeed", 5.0);
            this.jumpForce = this.getProperty("jumpForce", 5.0);
            this.dropForce = this.getProperty("dropForce", 20.0);
            this.rotateSpeed = this.getProperty("rotateSpeed", 0.085);
            this.enableInput = this.getProperty("enableInput", true);

        public move(velocity:BABYLON.Vector3):void {
            this._movementVelocity.x = velocity.x;
            this._movementVelocity.y = velocity.y;
            this._movementVelocity.z = velocity.z;
            this.manager.moveWithPhysics(this.mesh, velocity);

        protected after() :void {
            var ground:number = 2.0; // TODO: Get Physics Grounded
            this._grounded = !(this.mesh.position.y > ground); 
            if (this.enableInput === true) {
                var horizontal:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.Horizontal);
                var vertical:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.Vertical);
                var mousex:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.MouseX);
                var mousey:number = this.manager.getUserInput(BABYLON.UserInputAxis.MouseY);
                var gravity:number = this.dropForce * this.manager.deltaTime;
                var jumped:boolean = false;
                // Avatar movement and jumping velocity
                if (this._grounded === true) {
                    var jump1:boolean = this.manager.getKeyInput(BABYLON.UserInputKey.SpaceBar);
                    var jump2:boolean = this.manager.getButtonInput(BABYLON.Xbox360Button.A);
                    this._inputVelocity.x = horizontal * this.moveSpeed;
                    this._inputVelocity.z = vertical * this.moveSpeed;
                    if ((jump1 || jump2) && this.jumpForce > 0.0) {
                        jumped = true;
                        this._inputVelocity.y = this.jumpForce;
                } else {
                    this._inputVelocity.y -= gravity;
                // Update avatar movement handler
                if (this.onUpdateMovement != null) {
                    this.onUpdateMovement(this._inputVelocity, horizontal, vertical, mousex, mousey, jumped);
                // Update avatar position and rotation
                if (this.autoTurning === true && (horizontal !== 0.0 || vertical !== 0.0)) {
                    // TODO: Rotate actor to face horizontal and vertical movement direction
                    this.mesh.lookAt(this.mesh.position.add(new BABYLON.Vector3(-horizontal, 0.0, -vertical)));


What do you think ???


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6 hours ago, adam said:

I think you're going to have to determine if the body is grounded by observing collisions.

You can use PhysicsImposter.registerOnPhysicsCollide:


I use this in other places to detect collision so I know where to set it up... Also I found the THREE.JS/CANNON source for "CanJump" flag:


 var canJump = false;

    var contactNormal = new CANNON.Vec3(); // Normal in the contact, pointing *out* of whatever the player touched
    var upAxis = new CANNON.Vec3(0,1,0);
        var contact = e.contact;

        // contact.bi and contact.bj are the colliding bodies, and contact.ni is the collision normal.
        // We do not yet know which one is which! Let's check.
        if(contact.bi.id == cannonBody.id)  // bi is the player body, flip the contact normal
            contactNormal.copy(contact.ni); // bi is something else. Keep the normal as it is

        // If contactNormal.dot(upAxis) is between 0 and 1, we know that the contact normal is somewhat in the up direction.
        if(contactNormal.dot(upAxis) > 0.5) // Use a "good" threshold value between 0 and 1 here!
            canJump = true;


Ill try and mess with that... Thanks for the info... Ill let ya know how it works :)


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