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parsing JSON in firefox fails


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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum!

Use to be an oldschool flash developer (erik.newgrounds.com) and am now seriously looking at building games in HTML5.

I had zero problems until i opened my game in Firefox (54.0.1 (32-bits), and  Pixi v4.5.0..) and it threw the following error:
TypeError: resources['assets/images/bodyparts.json'].textures is undefined[Meer info]

After digging a bit deeper and logging the above mentioned resource object i see:

Object { _flags: 2, name: "assets/images/bodyparts.json", url: "assets/images/bodyparts.json", extension: "json", data: null, crossOrigin: "", loadType: 1, xhrType: "json", metadata: Object, error: Error, nog 17… }

When i click the Error message i see the following error:
Error trying to parse loaded json: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

I cant find anything wrong with my json, even JSONLint tells me its ok. Also in Chrome everything works perfectly fine.
JSON object is attached to this topic.

Any idea whats going on here?

Thanks for the help!


Firefox v


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Welcome, fellow Flash-developer!

For any html5 engine/rendering_lib if you see a problem with json, regardless of your browser, please look in devtools in "network" tab and analyze the XHR request.

In most of cases, its CORS problem, and you can search through this subforum and https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues , we had a large number of those issues.

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I couldn't find anything that answers my particular issue with the character being wrong. I did find several cors issues.
After some more spitting ,  when i trace my json text in firefox within pixi.js i see the following characters:


Im now looking i can fix my JSON ..

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Hi Ivan, you were right all along.. obviously i never doubted you ;)

Im using XAMPP as my local server, and it were indeed CORS issues.

Create a file called ".htaccess" in the directory of my files and add the following to the file.

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "http://localhost:8080/"

Works like a charm now!

Thanks again!



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