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Blending Speed


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Yo @Deltakosh .. Just cause I like to tag you into everything :)

In Unity Animator, they have transition that they use to switch states and play other animation clips... in the the transition properties they have transition speed:



Transition Duration The duration of the transition, in normalized time, relative to the current state’s duration. This is visualized in the transition graph as the portion between the two blue markers.
Transition Offset The offset of the time to begin playing in the destination state which is transitioned to. For example, a value of 0.5 means the target state begins playing at 50% of the way through its own timeline.

Now would we use 'animation.blendingSpeed' to handle that ???


I finally figured out how to get to ALL the UNITY Animation State Machine properties to serialize all the states, events, transitions and blend tree  metadata from ALL layers and including any nested sub-state machines... Now I can start to implement a state machine on the Babylon side... I already got gerbil animation clip and animation event working great... Nut would like to get transitions working next...


My logic is going be something like

1... Get transition info (metadata) from the state about to be switched to (which has destinationState)

2... If transition.destinationState === self then playAnimationClip with LOOPING

3... If transition.destinationState !== "" playAnimationClip(onAnimationEnd--->switch To transition.destinationState) and start whole thing over...

4... Check  state parameters and conditions in update loop to switch state which also starts whole thing over...Of course taking into account 'interruptions' and what ever else comes up but that would be a simple to start to

Anyways... I need to to control the 'Transition Time' like in Unity to Keep in spirit with and use the actual time from the the little GIZMO unity uses to setup transitions

Then I will try and tackle 'Blend Trees' :)



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