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Phaser General Documentation : Wiki ?


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Currently Phaser has four main sources of documentation :

  • the getting started guides and tutorials which help to .. start using the framework and figure out what could be possible to do,
  • examples which are useful use cases about very precise features,
  • API doc which describes the behavior of each class/method/member,
  • forum where everyone may expect to find solutions about everything else ...

Same developer questions so often come back in the forum because people can't retrieve previous answers or hardly can express the same problem with same words.


And many questions/answers concern more functioning or concepts (why tweens don't collide, do I use sprite or body coordinates, how do I organize my code, my states, why this with tilemaps, why that with atlases, cameras, etc ?) than syntax programing issues as the API is quite well documented.


So I am wondering about opening some wiki for the community would help ?

say, some topics would be listed (sprite, rendering, tilemaps, collisions, physics, etc) and benevolant contributors could write up their general knowledge, once for all, about concepts related to the questions.

Like the way Wikipedia works.

This may be a basis for a future complete documentation (or book for Rich).


I can't see any embedded wiki in IP.Board . Too bad, we can't re-use forum accounts for authentication.


If current forum contributors feel interested in this project, I could run an authenticated wiki (which one ?) on my local architecture.

Please let me know.

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Great idea !!!

and it's a better place than an external wiki.


I just didn't think about it.


In order to encourage contributors to write up their knowledges or practices, I suggest not to impose a too rigid text organization for begining. 

Gathering content is the priority, then only we could arrange it in order.

Maybe just start with a pool of topics like : game, states, preloader, sprites, physics, groups, tweens, tilemaps, world/camera, inputs, text (list to be extended)


Let's start ?

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started here : https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/wiki/Phaser-General-Documentation-:-Game

menu : https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/wiki/_pages


all of you guys, feel free to re-organize and correct my poor english or my wrong assertions

feel free to start/complete/add any of other items you want


the goal is not to describe every class (API doc is good for this) but to introduce and explain concepts, and for some classes to detail how those concepts are managed thru methods or properties. That's why I talk a lot about the Game class here.

the goal is to gather the maximum of information once for all too, even if organization or coherence is not that good at the beginning

everything will be cleared, reviewed, etc later

right stuff  first.


apart : here's my french general presentation for Phaser http://jerome.bousquie.fr/phaser/

it could be translated into english (or your native language) easily with web translators

please, let me know if I wrote quite wrong things 

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First part about what is a Phaser game (then a Game object), sequence of states, game loop, etc

almost complete, here : https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/wiki/Phaser-General-Documentation-:-Game


I hope I can present well the concepts (as well as I understand them so far)


need to add many links to the example site, to pertinent forum answers also

and other of your good ideas :-)

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