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BabylonHx - Haxe/OpenFL port of BabylonJs


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I just wanted to let you all know about BabylonHx project.

Its BabylonJs port to Haxe language and OpenFL framework (which gives access to OpenGL/WebGL/GLES),

and it brings Babylon engine to all platforms supported by OpenFL (except Flash) - iOS, Android, Win, Linux,

Mac, Web and more - in form of native app !


Its still WIP, there are some problems with textures/shaders  and animations on desktop targets, but otherwise 

it works great. Here's a video showing the "Train" scene running as windows native app.


I would like to say thanks to Deltakosh for creating such a great engine ! I've tried to port Three.js to Haxe but

that WebGLRenderer file is a mess.


Source code for BabylonHx will be released on github as soon as I fix problems with textures/shaders and animations.

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I would like to say thanks to Deltakosh for creating such a great engine ! I've tried to port Three.js to Haxe but

that WebGLRenderer file is a mess.


I agree with this. I have also test Three.js and i am able to go further with Babylon.js which is more modern.

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Hello again,


last january I released BabylonHx 1.0. Its january again so its time for BabylonHx 2.0 !

This version was written/ported from scratch - typescript code was so much easier to port than pure js.


I was a bit dissapointed by the performance of version 1.0 on android devices, but there were some

great changes in Haxe language and Haxe frameworks that can be used as a BabylonHx backend, and Babylon.js

itself had some great changes that speeded up the engine.

All these things inspired me to try one more time and it payed off. BabylonHx 2.0 is much faster on android.

And its up to date - I'm trying to keep up with changes in Babylon.js.


Its still an early release and a lot of work remains to be done, so if anyone is interested to see your favorite

3D engine running as a native app on iOS, Android, Win, Linux, Mac, HTML5, Flash, PlayStation, XBOX, OUYA, Tizen...

the code is here and any help is welcome: https://github.com/vujadin/BabylonHx


Right now there is a really nasty bug on C++ targets: if there are few simple object on the scene with default (color) material

on C++ these are rendered only in first frame, and then they dissapear. But if I add a line mesh, everything is rendered fine.

As soon as line mesh goes out of frustum - all other meshes are gone again.

Its similar with having a single textured mesh and a bunch of colored meshes, when textured mesh goes out of frustum, no meshes

are rendered anymore.


@deltakosh, do you have any idea where I should look for the problem ?


Anyway, the plan is to fully port Babylon.js and after fixing all the bugs, to write support for Snow and Kha frameworks and then to

start working on editor.

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