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[PIXI] Correct way to initialize an Application?


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Hi Everyone,

Browsing through the Pixi docs, it looks like the correct way to initialize a Pixi app with an initial width and height is:

let app = Pixi.Application({width: 500, height: 500});

It looks like Application only takes a single options argument.



However, the examples use this format:

var app = new PIXI.Application(800, 600);


The above is how v3 used to do it - is this now deprecated, and is the format in the Doc the most up to date?


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What about the use of PIXI.WebGLRenderer, PIXI.autoDetectRenderer and PIXI.CanvasRenderer?

In the getting started tutorial ( https://github.com/kittykatattack/learningPixi ) they use PIXI.autoDetectRenderer but in the demos ( https://pixijs.github.io/examples/#/basics/basic.js ) they all use PIXI.Application.

Whats the difference between an Application and a WebGLRenderer or CanvasRenderer?

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The actual renderers are the canvas and webgl, which you are free to create directly, but autoDetectRenderer is usually preferred as it favours creating the webgl renderer (much faster) but automatically falls back to canvas if webgl isn't supported. You'd only have to write this fallback yourself anyway.

The Application method is just a helper class that uses autoDetectRenderer in the background, and provides commonly required basic functionality, like access to a ticker, and getters for the renderer and view. If you don't want to use it, fine :) We've found it very useful at pixi for creating the examples, as it handles the common boilerplate code, leaving just the example code we want to show off

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