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Best way to record/screencast video of your html5 game?


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What is the best way to record/screencast a video of your html5 game?

I'm trying out some stuff so I can upload something to YouTube or Vimeo, here is what I've found useful so far.

  • OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a fully fledged suite for typical game-streaming stuff, there's a pretty advanced scene builder to arrange game + webcam + chatfeed etc. But it can also simply record a browser window to file as FLV/AVI/MP4. It works great with FireFox, although it seems a little resource intensive.
  • ShotCut can do some simple video editing and the final rendering. It's pretty intuitive and it can do transitions, text/png overlays and even green-screen effects, but no fancy animated titles or sliding an image intro frame AFAIK.
  • Btw I haven't tried Story Remix yet, which is Microsoft's replacement for Windows Movie Maker

Has anyone else got any experience with recording their JavaScript game, for a promotional video or something like that?

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Just a small update for anyone interested. Recently I picked up this video editing again and tried to make a walkthrough video for my webgame Impossible Snake. This time I figured it out. I recorded in OBStudio and then edit it in ShotCut. I didn't use OpenShot, it's an okay video editor but feels a bit too simple and limited when compared to ShotCut.

You can records webgames and desktop application etc. OBStudio, I did the following steps:

  • under sources add "Display Capture" and "Desktop Audio"
  • right click "Display Capture" and select Filters
  • add a Crop/Pad filter and set the margins
  • go to in Settings -> Video, set "Base (Sanvas)" and "Output (Scaled)" resolutions to match your cropped region
  • hit "Start Recording" and play your game

I'm now trying to create a GIF animation of a short game play clip, using the tips here -> How To Create A Gif To Show Off Your Indie Game

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