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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everybody! Our latest video about implementing AdMob Ads in Construct 3 released on our website: In this video we tried to tell about all AdMob Ads types that you can use in C3: Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads and Rewarded Ads. Also we teach you how to give the player coins when he saw your Ads. Please leave a comment and tell us what do you like to learn in the next videos.
  2. vue-ts-starter Project name: Vue project generator First feature: YouTube vs Threejs version 0.0.5 Public access for VuleTube service: Screenshot: YouTube presentation: Production use https node application for web server. git clone npm i Other good solution is node serve for instant start. Install: npm install -g serve Run: serve -s dist // or npm run serve Project details Vue3 Version: typescript 3.9.6 Visual Code Text Editor used. NodeJS baclend part Features Flow Note: 0.0.x => any changes 0.x.1 ... n => any changes + updated present logic or new big feature. x.1.1 ... n => release git/build point version. - version 0.0.2 [MASTER] Getting response for youtube search. Call server part for saving videos - version 0.0.3 [MASTER] Add options switch-place for two main components Implement LocalStorageMemory class (For saving all user infly data - view options etc.) - version 0.0.4 [MASTER] Save current (exist) options with localStorage and load on refresh. Every next options will be implemented with localStorage support. - version 0.0.5 [MASTER] Added new server module : npm install --save image-downloader Prepare for search result preview in 3d. with raycast options for navigate. Add options for: save result number per page - pagination. show result in 3d version 0.1.1 [MASTER] Adding progress for video duration. Adding webcam options. Replace text with icons. version 0.1.2 [NEXT-WIP] Adding paypal donate buttons version 0.1.3 [NEXT] Prevent raycast click event behind 3d plane video FIX@ Project structure ├── dist/ (This is auto generated) ├── node_modules/ (This is auto generated) ├── public/ | ├── assets/ | | └── logo.png | ├── thumbnails/ | ├── videos/ | | └── list.html | ├── bad.html | ├── favicon.ico | ├── index.html ├── server/ | ├── node_modules/ (This is auto generated) | ├── package.json | ├── package-lock.json | ├── server-connector.js ├── src/ | ├── components/ | | ├── youtube-3d/ | | | ├── myYouTube.vue | | | └── webgl-player.vue | | ├── myFooter.vue | | ├── myHeader.vue | ├── App.vue | └── styles/ | | └── styles.scss | ├── App.vue | ├── main.ts | ├── error-instance.ts | ├── shims-tsx.d.ts | ├── shims-vue.d.ts | └── store.ts ├── .gitignore ├── (This file) ├── tsconfig.json ├── package.json ├── package-lock.json (This is auto generated) └── babel.config.js Components : - myYouTube.vue Getting response for youtube search. Call server part for saving videos - webgl-player.vue Open opengles port view, look for video source saved to the maximumroulette:3000 I use quick solution from npm: Response for youtube api v3 call search. body: "{↵ "kind": "youtube#searchListResponse",↵ "etag"" headers: {cache-control: "private", content-encoding: "gzip", content-length: "5512", content-type: "application/json; charset=UTF-8", date: "Sun, 05 Jul 2020 20:47:06 GMT", …} result: { kind: "youtube#searchListResponse", etag: "3nOm8AR0NU4TDlCxh0UCxk1KB38", nextPageToken: "CBkQAA", regionCode: "RS", pageInfo: {…}, …} status: 200 statusText: null Result property: { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "mlweRndBtBgAcVC-11ZrL0oI7ok", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "YPhJOC9-M_M" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2019-07-14T19:27:31Z", "channelId": "UCc1NtMtvoVzKnOtnai9LGsA", "title": "Create game engine - Visual typescript game engine", "description": "Clone or download from : Next video\ developing in live - adding multiplayer feature. Project : Visual ts ...", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "javascript fanatic", "liveBroadcastContent": "none", "publishTime": "2019-07-14T19:27:31Z" } } { etag: "3nOm8AR0NU4TDlCxh0UCxk1KB38" items: etag: "mlweRndBtBgAcVC-11ZrL0oI7ok" id: {kind: "youtube#video", videoId: "YPhJOC9-M_M"} kind: "youtube#searchResult" snippet: {publis kind: "youtube#searchListResponse" nextPageToken: "CBkQAA" pageInfo: {totalResults: 400229, resultsPerPage: 25} regionCode: "RS" } } VueMaterial help Notes : All other <input type="file"> attributes, such as multiple and accept, can be used on md-field. Icons used with eslint or any other cheker full strict only for proc build in dev status lint will pass more roles. About routes From official: Simple Routing From Scratch If you only need very simple routing and do not wish to involve a full-featured router library, you can do so by dynamically rendering a page-level component like this: const NotFound = { template: '<p>Page not found</p>' } const Home = { template: '<p>home page</p>' } const About = { template: '<p>about page</p>' } const routes = { '/': Home, '/about': About } new Vue({ el: '#app', data: { currentRoute: window.location.pathname }, computed: { ViewComponent () { return routes[this.currentRoute] || NotFound } }, render (h) { return h(this.ViewComponent) } }) Spiral position Not in use at the moment. var count = 10; var radius = 32; for ( var i = 1, l = count; i <= l; i ++ ) { var phi = Math.acos( - 1 + ( 2 * i ) / l ); var theta = Math.sqrt( l * Math.PI ) * phi; var mesh = new THREE.Mesh( geometry, material ); mesh.position.setFromSphericalCoords( radius, phi, theta ); mesh.lookAt( ); this.scene.add( mesh ); } YT Download module Download from: Help links/public Direct link for dev server VueTube web DEV [WIP] service 2020
  3. Live conference about gamedev. It's on twitch and youtube, the conf is free, translated in 8 languages - vocals and subtitles. more info here :
  4. Since GODOT does everything that Phaser does but with greater facilitaton as well as more quickly and with great easiness and much much less effort blood and tears. Why to use phaser any more?
  5. What is the best way to record/screencast a video of your html5 game? I'm trying out some stuff so I can upload something to YouTube or Vimeo, here is what I've found useful so far. OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a fully fledged suite for typical game-streaming stuff, there's a pretty advanced scene builder to arrange game + webcam + chatfeed etc. But it can also simply record a browser window to file as FLV/AVI/MP4. It works great with FireFox, although it seems a little resource intensive. ShotCut can do some simple video editing and the final rendering. It's pretty intuitive and it can do transitions, text/png overlays and even green-screen effects, but no fancy animated titles or sliding an image intro frame AFAIK. Btw I haven't tried Story Remix yet, which is Microsoft's replacement for Windows Movie Maker Has anyone else got any experience with recording their JavaScript game, for a promotional video or something like that?
  6. Hi, Is there any way we can add Youtube video as a source for the Video Textures. Thanks, Raghavender Mylagary
  7. Hi I am new to Phaser. I have been asked to load an youtube thumbnail based on a given ID. Without using their API, the thumbnail can be retrieved this way:<youtube ID>/0.jpg Is there some restrictions when using statements like this: game.load.image("youtubeTN", "<youtube ID>/0.jpg"); ... ... var sprite = new Phaser.Sprite(game, youtube.x, youtube.y, "youtubeTN"); I was able to load an image locally but the image wouldn't load if it's from an external site. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone. We've just published a video montage of cool content made in PlayCanvas. Check it out: Hope you like it!
  9. Hi all! I was just reading Ten top tips for developing HTML5 games and discovered this forum so I figured I'd "PLUG" our HTML5 game. is a free social game where people take turns DJing new music or videos for each other. It's basically a real-time chat room with synchronized music streaming powered by YouTube & SoundCloud content. Everyone in the community has an avatar that dances when you Woot (i.e. up-vote) the currently playing track. It's a great way to not only share music you love, but also to discover great new music since it's curated by real people from people around the world. Direct game link here: Would love to hear any optimization tips you have on how to improve sprite performance. We already cap avatar rendering to 200 per community (although you can have thousands of people in the community simultaneously, we only draw up to 200). We're monetizing the game through in-app avatar upgrades and other experience-enhancements. Here's another screenshot of the store. All feedback welcome!
  10. Wow.. the smashing glass effects are stunning.