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FGL is paying 200$ for implementing their API


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Thanks for sharing.


As far as I understand it, all this money is coming from companies like Samsung and Intel who are trying to push Tizen. It's actually all just Tizen money and they apparently reached out to larger companies with big networks for quality assurance, communication and exposure. In return these companies get to deliver big revenues to their users and recruit new users for their SDK or API.


Samsung did a 4 million contest to produce Tizen games last summer. Yoyogames currently has a $60k contest to produce Tizen games. FGL now has this send-in period.There was another send-in that offered a similar amount that closed last month. It'd be nice to see these companies be a bit more transparent about this.


I'd definitely urge anyone to look into alternatives. $200 isn't much as a lumpsum amount. Monetization is tricky because Tizen doesn't really support inapp purchases very well at the moment, and I'm not sure how advertisers react to web-ads (e.g. Leadbolt serves ads only for mobile devices, but doesn't recognize Tizen devices at the moment). So monetization is tricky and barely anyone has any test devices. Tizen is definitely interesting, but I have my doubts about their current approach. As these games are published through third party companies, I'm not sure how you actually retain control over your IP for future (monetization) updates if and when Tizen does take off. Sure $200 is great on the low-end, but there's a few developers here who make a minimum of $5000 of revenue per platform/store. In that case, a lack of monetization or control is just a joke. Sadly, most of these contents barely have any information, they've got a small 'guidelines/api' to get your game running without a Tizen test-device and an email to send in final documents, that's it.


Happy to hear other peoples' thoughts on these contests as well as Tizen in general. Always eager to learn!

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$200 is just a payment if you convert your game (or upload one not already on their system). It's not a "sponsorship" amount or anything - they will then go and try and sell your game for you too.


How does that work though? There has not been any information from any of these programs that I know of about them actively promoting your game or guaranteeing a certain amount of exposure like you would normally expect from publisher/promotional agreements with stores. Listing your game on e.g. the Amazon platform is something you can do yourself, but in this case it's through your own account rather than by sending your files to an fgl mail and simply getting paid, which means there's a possibility for future content/monetization updates.


As for Tizen, it clearly states there is no inapp purchase support. And for Amazon it's explicitly been stated you can't have a premium game through this programme, only free games.


So all in all, the $200 is not necessarily a bad deal, but don't forget they launched this deal when there was a similar one at $250 by appbackr for $250. It's quite clear (although I can be mistaken) that all of this is funded by the stores behind this, Tizen in particular, so it's still not clear to me why I'd be a great idea to give away my control over future versions/updates of my game, have monetization limitations, share 30% of my revenue with FGL for the task of implementing an API, when appbackr paid $250 without requiring anything?


FGL is doing interesting things, great things actually, it's slow but they're working HTML5 partly because there's a lot of interest now from some stores. I appreciate the fact that stores are going through parties like FGL, Yoyogames or appbackr because they don't have the bandwidth to deal with hundreds of developers themselves. But some things are not clear from a technical/monetization/ownership & updating perspective, other things are not transparent and so far the incentives are just not competitive.


Would love to hear from anyone who's been targetting these stores, particularly through programmes like these  :)

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I have two questions:

-They will pay for each game they approve or only for one?

-Do you know if this API has an extension for GM:Studio or I have to make it by scratch :P


I have two games finished for HTML5 and some "easy to make, casual" games done too, so I want to try licensing my games.


Thank you for your answers!

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