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Mesh disappearing frequently in various amounts of times


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Hey guys,

So I have had the chance to delve a little bit more into Babylon.js and I really find it great. I am developing an online multiplayer game on it and while testing I have encountered a strange problem.
So I have this simple terrain and a mesh which moves on a pick event. I have integrated Babylon-navmash extension and so far it has been working great. What seems a little strange to me is that sometimes the mesh disappears from the screen ( in movement ) only to reappear again some frames later. In other cases it stops while being invisible. When I have a camera with it as a target, the camera itself shows a blue screen when the mesh disappears.

I think probably its a render problem. I am not sure though. Any thoughts :) ? Since the camera loses the target after it disappears I don't think its camera related but...again, I am not sure.

On a further note, I am not using physics neither collisions just some ray picking. And I am also using a shadow map with a texture of 512 size. I am rendering only the shadows of this mesh, for the static ones most surely I will bake the shadow maps.

Thanks again for this awesome tool!

Best Regards,
Relative Null.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the swift responses. Well since your answers made me understand that this is not something common or that has happened before, I decided to test every piece my code out, just to make sure the issue wasn't on me. Guess what? The issue was on me. Lerping, my weight got more than 1 and in those cases it produced a position which wasn't on the terrain and thus all the other things.

Sorry for bothering. I usually test a little more before reporting issues up :P

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Best Regards,

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