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Phaser Physics Editor - 100% Free


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Hey Guys!


I just created a very simple physics editor since the one we use commonly gets paid and it's only free for a while.

The truth, as I said, is very simple, just add the image, the groups of polygons needed for that image and then in each group we can add individual polygons at the position of the cursor with the key [1] to make it easier and fast.

After this we export and ready.

Here are some pictures:






If there is a problem or something that should be taken into account to improve this system, I would appreciate it if they told me.


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If you plan on keeping it free you could put the code on github and publish this editor on github pages.
I tried posting this link on twitter but it denied it saying that it looks like spam.
Also if you make it open source there is a big chance community will join in in it's development.

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