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EU Threatens Code Sharing


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Thought this might be of some interest to some of you, since phaser is open source, seems the EU is trying to stop online code sharing through filtering and deciding what is good and what isn't.
Or what they deem is not copyright infringement and what is.

Love to see that algorithm.

Anyhow this can be an end to a lot of open source software, code sharing etc.... for the EU if they get their way.

Being a strictly linux user  this one worries me since I use 90% open source for my stuff.

Be interesting to see how this effects github.

Here is the link, there is a petition letter to try and stop this if you feel it should be.


a part of the read


The EU is getting ready to vote a "Copyright Reform" package which fundamentally undermines the foundations upon which Free and Open Source Software is built. The proposed Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive targets every online service that allows its users to upload and share content with each other, including code hosting platforms.

Under this proposal code hosting platforms will be compelled to prevent any possible copyright infringement by developing fundamentally flawed filtering technologies. These filtering algorithms will ultimately decide what material software developers should be allowed to share.

As a result of this ongoing copyright review, every user of a code sharing platform, be they an individual, a business or a public administration, is to be treated as a potential copyright infringer: their content, including entire code repositories, will be monitored and blocked from being shared online at any time. This restricts the freedom of developers to use specific software components and tools that in return leads to less competition and less innovation. Ultimately this can result in software that is less reliable and a less resilient software infrastructure for everybody.


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