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PBR in 3d max


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5 minutes ago, Hersir said:

Ok how i can set pbr material inside 3d max?

I think this is the core of the issue.  My team has been working on trying to export PBRs from max and from Substance (via both GLTF format and .Babylon format) but we're not getting all the maps exported correctly, or some files aren't linked.  We're going through a process of trial and error right now to figure out how to resolve it which is fine but I imagine a lot of our experimenting would be eliminated if there were some proper guides. 



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Sebvans suggestion helped a lot with substance - thanks.  Those settings were definitely necessary for the  PBRs to look good.

In regards to max.  I don't know how specifically the materials are set up but that's a bit besides the point.  

Right now I tell my team members that max can export the PBRs.  They say... ok show me.... and that's where we are stuck.  https://doc.babylonjs.com/exporters/3dsmax This is a useful guide but it doesn't include any info on PBRs.  Like I said, we're going to figure it out one way or another but having a proper guide would have (and could still) saved us a bunch of time.  

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About Blender I'm not sure, 'cause the issue was closed.

But we can already export to PBR from Blender using gltf. Doc is here. I've start some very little tests but not enough yet to contribute to the BJS doc (you can find the test here, zip available, code is sort of copy-paste simplified from pbrglossy demo).


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