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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, have question regarding 3d max export. I created rectangle plane in 3d max. Than tried to add custom shader material to it, and realised that uv.y is out of [0-1] range. void main(void) { if(vUV.y > 0.5) { gl_FragColor = vec4( 1.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0); } else { gl_FragColor = vec4( 1.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0); } } After checking exported babylon file saw that uv.x is from 0-1 but uv.y 1-2 [0,1,1,1,1,2,1,2,0,2,0,1] Some scaling could be applied? Is that desired behaviour ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, could anyone give me hint why animations from 3d max are exported (babylon format) shorter than they are inside 3d max (have 170 frames instead of my 1000 or so)? (Do not optimise animation is checked in properties) Saw Tick = 160 inside exporter code , is thats where its happening ? Thank you.
  3. Hi, would it be possible to add light map in 3d max somehow as right now need to do it manually by getting material ids an applying to them in code that gets tedious wiht each change in scene Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to control image format export for 3d max materials (force jpg, png for example) somehow? As for physics material (pbr) it produces png right now for me even without any transparency. Thank you in advance.
  5. How to perfectly set up all possible PBR properties (channels and values supported by Babylon PBR material ) in 3D max such that it exports to Babylon perfectly in a manner that uses the full potential of Babylon PBR materials? (Without requiring to set any PBR properties by code or by using editor.babylonjs.com ) I am basically looking for best workflow method for producing realistic Babylon scenes (which have PBR materials for all meshes) using 3D Max. Any common pitfalls/suggestions/tips ?
  6. Hi, Some time ago I saw that 3d max export got PBR support, is that right? Any information available on it? (already usable , how to use). Alos will there be why to set global reflection texture on scene, so preview in 3d max will use it? Thanks for great work.
  7. Hi, I have issue with model imported from 3d max. Its just plane with normal map and color on top. (Simple material is part of MultiMaterial and is applied to all models). When I try to launch it in the game, first two models that are in centre of scene work as expected, but for other color is not applied (they are black), but normal map is working as expected. I found out that if I set camera radius so that all models are in camera viewport at the beginning , than color is working, also changing some props on the material , bring color back. (probably because of re-render). Any ideas what could cause it? Thanks.
  8. hi all, i just want to konw how to use the binary files exported by 3dmax using Max2Babylon-0.8.0. when i export from 3dmax i got a list of binary files which one should i use.
  9. Hi, Got strange situation, one mesh, that was exported from 3d max , is not appearing in `scene.mesh` list, but it works with `scene.getMeshByName("meshName");` var mesh; mesh = scene.getMeshByName("meshName"); // Works scene.meshes.forEach((m) => { console.log(m.name); // Doesn't appear here if(m.name === "meshName") { mesh = m; // Never happens } }
  10. Hi, I have exported model from 3dmax and loaded in babylon and meshes are cloned after load (also tried instance). But sometimes some meshes appear in scene with default color not with texture, but after changing angle of camera (ArcRotateCamera) some of them get texture back. I will try to isolate problem but meanwhile maybe someone seen similar behaviour? I use alpha version of babylon from npm. Thanks.
  11. I'm using Construct2(C2) for my games. A developer is doing a plugin to use Babylon.js that allow us do 3D games. This was my first test, it's not a big thing but for something we have to start: Here to play: https://kronbits.itch.io/proto3d Preview: - The actual plugin is a "Scene Loader". You do the level on a 3D editor and export the .Babylon file to C2. There you set camera controls and actions using events to do the game. One of the problems is how to solve the action for a group of duplicate mesh objects that have different name. Now, for every mesh we have to create an object on C2 layout, set the 3D name on editor and add all the properties or behaviours we want. The problem is, if the level have 100 coins, each coin have a different mesh name, so we will have to add 100 objects on the layout to set the behaviours or actions, which will be pain. The unique thing we made is more a patch than a solution, some kind of array on we set: Name: Coin Start of index: 0 Ending Index: 100 Padding: (true) So for a Coin and Coin001, Coin002, etc... until Coin100 will set the properties or behaviours or whatever but limit other options to other plugins and other stuff in C2. Also only will works for Blender and 3Dmax, the Unity nomenclature breaks this solution. Here are how the Duplicate models looks in the 3D Editors Babylon can be exported: Blender: Coin, Coin.001, Coin.002, etc... 3Dmax : Coin, Coin001, Coin002, etc... Unity5 : Coin, Coin(1), Coin(2), etc... Maybe there is a solution that we not found, or a Babylon function that solve this, but if not i want to make a request if is possible. Request for Babylon exporters: ------------------------------------------------------------ Add some kind of ID for all the objects, maybe "Babylon_Mesh_ID" or whatever that are the same for all the mesh with the same properties. Then for: Coin, Coin.001, Coin.002,etc... will have the "Babylon_Mesh_ID=COIN". So in the C2 we only will have to create an unique object that refers to "COIN" and add an actions like: On Player collides with COIN > Destroy COIN / Add 1 to COIN.Counter, etc... When the player collides with a mesh with the ID "COIN" will do the events/actions no matter the mesh name. No arrays, patch or other stuff. Is possible?
  12. There is some issue when export 3DMax format file to .babylon. blow is my 3DMax file. exportIssue.zip
  13. when i use babylon export for 3dmax, i got this error: exportation cancelled: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. my env: win10 + 3dmax 2014 + Max2Babylon-0.4.9. thanks. Unit_510034_Anim3.max
  14. I've never really looked at/compared the .babylon files produced by the BJS exporters from 3DMax and Blender until the last week. I guess I first noticed a difference when I looked at a 3dMax file that dad72 so generously let me use while I was struggling with the "attachToBone" issue. A couple of differences that I immediately noticed - In 3Dmax Files: 1. Meshes have a "pickable" parameter in 3Dmax files. 2. Lights have "excludedMeshesIds" and "includedOnlyMeshesIds" parameters. 3. Lights and Cameras have a number of "autoAnimate" parameters. So, I am curious about what other features the 3DMax produced .babylon files have over the Blender produced ones? cheers, gryff
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