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Adobe Animate Example Game

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Check this out:

on your phone or on a desktop.


Apparently Adobe is pushing hard for webgl content creation in Adobe Animate. Article here:


Do you guys have experience with this? Is it still buggy? Does it work as advertised? Does it work on all browsers mobile/web? It runs for me on my S8 Chrome.

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Had a friend who was using Animate for a WebGl project and found quite a few nasty bugs.

Problem is although an improvement over past attempts, the javascript output is still pretty messy.

So if you get a browser bug you'll need to know you native JS/WebGL anyway, plus it will be messy and inconsistent to read.

And if you know those languages anyway you might as well just use a decent WebGL library like Babylon/Three.js in the first place.

Looks like any other code/scene builder, will save you time initially, will cost you time trying to get something release ready.

Just my two cents.

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Yeah, I generally agree with TomC, these tools look amazing for trivial stuff but whenever you have to do anything with any complexity they can fall over.

Having said that, there are plenty of indies here cranking out decent games using tools like this, so maybe I'm wrong.

I guess it boils down to picking the right tool for the job and as much as you might grow to love a tool, always remember its limitations and don’t grow too attached.

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