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Problems with Playground URL


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I am behind a proxy and the following behaviour on different browsers occour.
If I call a PG with appended Scene ID like http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#H82GNB#1 the playground loads and allways shows me the basic scene.
New URL is then http://www.babylonjs-playground.com
Seems that there is a redirection or something else? What could be the reason for that?

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I think I found the problem. The above URL gets its content from https://babylonjs-api2.azurewebsites.net/snippets/H82GNB/1 and url https://babylonjs-api2.azurewebsites.net is blocked by the proxy.

If I call http://babylonjs-api2.azurewebsites.net/snippets/H82GNB/1 I see a JSON file. So, this seems to work for non https urls.

Is there any possibility to get around this "https-thing"? If the original URL would call the azurewebsite content from a non https site, it should work.

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Not for most of the people ;)

Behind a proxy it is a little bit difficult.

Http url of the site is not blocked. Https url of this site is blocked and therefore PG don't get the right content.

I try to get the https site reviewed and unlocked.


PS: But why requesting a https url?

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I don't know if i'm having the same issue or not, but i think it's possible. I thought maybe it was just something wrong with my browser (and it might be), but i can't use Firefox to load playground urls because it always loads / redirects to the basic scene just like @Myjestic said. Works fine on Chrome however so i've just been using that for playground urls - even if it is a bit annoying as Firefox is my main browser and i have to copy paste links to the other window... <_<

Anyway, might be having same issue here so just reporting that in.

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I wonder if it really is the problem...

We can change this behavior and test. Let me run a few tests and see.

I find it odd that a browser has a problem loading https from a http site. there shouldn't be a problem with that. I can understand the problem if it's the other way around, but a secure connection on a non-secure website? Should be accepted.

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Perfect. Now it's working for me.


Short explanation about the proxy I'm talking about. I am behind a corporate proxy (bluecoat) where all urls are blocked by default.

The rules for the whitelist comes from a server, where every user can submit a request of a specific blacklistet url.

For "http://babylonjs-api2.azurewebsites.net/" someone has done it yet, so this url was categorized as "save for use" and whitelisted.

The url "https://babylonjs-api2.azurewebsites.net/" was not categorized until yersterday, so it was blacklisted. All I got back from this blacklisted url is "Hello, you are not allowed because of reasons." And PG is awaiting a JSON String and not a "you are not allowed string", so it always redirected to the basic scene. :rolleyes:

I submitted the https-url yesterday evening for review and got a positive approve this morning. This means, the https-url is now whitelisted.

Nonetheless, independent from this proxy issue, there are some firefox users suffering from wrong or bad configured certificate policy. That cause some https pages not to load. 

Another problem could be the mixing of http and https pages. Some browser are blocking mixed content by default. This could be the problem of @lihis

Summarizing, this change in the code should be a good approach to ensure access to PG without problems.

Thanks all for your help. 

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Unfortunately Firefox is still giving me the default scene and not loading the requested playground. But it seems like the change might actually help some people since Myjestic got it working so that's good! :)

I have no idea what the problem is in my case - might just be my PC having issues. :huh:

I can continue to use Chrome to load playgrounds which is working fine.

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