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reflective, metallic textures


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Good morning dear GameDevs,
I'm trying to make a mesh with StandardMaterial and bumpTexture look metallic, but with moderate success. It should preferably not reflect like glass or chrome, but rather reflect with a surface finish such as brushed or sandblasted aluminium. Does anyone have an idea how to realize something like this?


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Hi Oclahoma... welcome to the forum.

Our PBR material has some interesting "knobs" to play-with.


That .metallicRoughnessTexture is something fun, for sure.

I did a Google IMAGE search... for metal texture wikimedia (wikimedia textures/images are always CORs-clear so they can be used in our playgrounds).

It appears that the metallicRoughnessTexture is COLOR-reactive.  In other words... the amount of "roughness" is dependent upon the colors of the image.

Anyway, it's something to play-with until someone wiser comes-along.  :)

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I had to make another.  I dumped the pbr material to console, and clicked on "object" to launch in-browser object inspector.

OMG.  There are a CRAPLOAD of knobs on that pbr texture thing!  HOURS of play!

Anyway, I went twisting on a few of the fun knobs (properties)... and now I am using a 6-part cubemap texture for the environment texture. 

I think there may be a problem with the cubeMap mapping.  I see reflections of buildings on the ceiling, and clouds on the floor.  :)

This whole PBR system looks like a LOT of FUN!  What a powerful monster!  Gruesome!  :)

UPDATE:  Link updated to #28... I had a mis-named file in the cubemap array.  But still, mapping is incorrect, I think.  Side-wall images on ceiling, sky image on side-wall, etc.

Another Update:  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2FDQT5#29  Apparently the ORDER of the URLs in the cubeMap array... is important.  Now it's all fixed.  

"The sky hasn't really fallen", said The King.  "It was only a pine cone, Chicken-Lickin'".  :)  "But that pine cone is covered with fascinating occurrences of Fibonacci number sequences that, if investigated, maybe lead you to the secret of life."  :)

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*nod*  Yeah, as soon as I changed the order of the urls in the cubemap array... to match... https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Materials/Textures/babylon.cubeTexture.ts

...then it all straightened-up.  I didn't expect url order to be an issue, but it is.  *shrug*  Your way is nicer, though.  Cleaner.  :)

Were you instrumental in installing PBR for BJS, Sebavan?  If so, thanks... it's very very cool.

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