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Got GC Improvements for Firefox Folk?


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Hi gang!

     Really nothing new for me, but in my Firefox, I often get "loaded-up' with garbage collection stuttering/delays. Reload the browser, all is well... ready for another hour of playground work.  Then, do it again.

I run a 2 yr old Dell mid-level, factory-assembled desktop (Dell Inspiron 8700), which likely has one more slot open for some add-on ram.  Would adding ram... help my GC woes?  Anyone know?  Perhaps some Windows or browser settings?

Thompson's Memory Leak Sealant?  :) 

Anyone else getting annoying GC bog in Windows Firefox?  Ideas?  (thx)  Sorry if off-topic, but I'm allowed one of those... every 500 posts... by forum law.  :D

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Hey @Wingnut-

I use Firefox for most of my development, as Chrome is immensely unreliable and inconsistant - even on a memory refresh (ctrl + R). However, I display my memory usage and GC in the window whenever I'm developing. Unfortunately, I've not seen any issues with GC in Firefox on either PC or Mac. If you have a PG scene in which this is occurring, post it and I'll take a look.

I wish I could use Chrome as t is far more efficient and uses less resources that most every other browser. However, as mentioned - I have wasted countless hours as Chrome is far to inconsistent and unreliable - and has been for a long, long time. Thus I'm always looking at 3X the memory required for the same scene when using Firefox. But at least Firefox is consistent in it's behavior.


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