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What is your inspiration?


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I keep a list of artistic inspirations in my bookmarks - things i watch or listen to that fill me with joy and remind me why I like to create things.


A few of them:


The Fable 2 intro video: perfect music and a bit of irreverence (the bird poop) - as a canadian i can almost feel the chill air in the snowy scene

The Opening credits for Moonlighting: the grainy pgotographs are sad and the shots of a city at night remind me of the enrgy and adventure of the city


and also anything with great art direction. it fires the imagination: shadow of the colossus, mirrors edge, journey, brothers, jet set radio future, professor layton,Lankhmar


and Robotech (ask yor parents)

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My inspiration? Some of the above comments seem to be about 'motive' as well as 'inspiration'.


Saw three cicada carapace shells clutched onto a log at the cemetary today. (no I don't work there).

and it took me to 'another place' - just for a moment.


So that's my inspiration:  Going to 'another place' and being able to share it.

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The idea of me sitting on mountains upon mountains of cash.


Seriously though, whenever I play a game half the time I think of a thousand ways to improve it, and for some reason I really want to, or I simply have an itch for a type of game that hasn't been made before, or not alot ( dungeon builder games for example, would love to make one of those ).

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