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[Arcade] body / velocity messed up by update to new Phaser version


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I just upgraded to Phaser 2.9.3, since then I get a strange behavior.

1. I press Left / Right to change the Sprite's velocity (x). // See update method
2. Sprite has enabled Physics, World.gravity is 2000 // See in create method
3. But the Sprite instead of moving left (negative velocity.x) moves upwards // See attached gif

What I figured out till yet:
- velocity.y turn to NaN by colliding with a collisionGroup .
- velocity.y stays NaN, even if the character moves into the air. (whyever it moves into air..)

There is nothing else going on.
I tested this as a test-case, not inside my game, to be sure I'm not messing something up.

create method:

super(state.game, x, y, 'minions');
this.level = state;
this.body.setSize(45, 110, 80, 45)

update method:

if(this.controls.on("left")) {
  this.body.velocity.x = -500;
} else if(this.controls.on("right")) {
  this.body.velocity.x = 500;

Anyone have a clue why this happens?

Thanks in advance.


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