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BabylonHx is online!


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Just to let you all know that I've created a website for BabylonHx - BabylonJs port to Haxe/OpenFL.


You'll find some precompiled demos for Windows and Android (and for JS ;) ) that you can download and try.

I'm very interested to know about the performance on android devices so if anyone tries any of those demos,

please let me know how it performs. My (cheap/low-end) device gives me 1-2 FPS on demos with skybox :(


Also, the source code is available on github , so you can give it a try and build something for iOS, Android, BlackBerry,

Linux, Mac, Windows, JS (and so on ... ;) ) in your favorite 3D engine !

Again, if anyone builds anything on any mobile platform, please let me know how it performs.


Edit: To @deltakosh: On the web site I've used assets/scenes from BabylonJs, I hope that is ok (on about page I gave proper credits to the authors).

If this is not ok, or if any info on website/github page is wrong or missing, please let me know so I can fix it.

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