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Platformer game template


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Enpu - this is JUST what I was looking for!

I was just about to open a thread asking for advice on how collision with tiles can be handled - but now I don't have to! I've got that "this is gonna be great feeling" because everything I try to do with panda 2 so far is simple and fun.

You've got a SWEET THING going on here with panda 2 and I want to wish you a happy new year!


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No problem @jojo2020! Good to hear that it was helpful to you.

One thing you should notice is that the example doesn't have any optimization, because i wanted to keep it as simple as possible. If you open the debug panel you can see that there is a lots of draw calls and bodies (one draw call for each tile and one body for every tile that the player collides with):


That's a bit more advanced subject, maybe i will do a tutorial or example on that some time later.

(Thanks for the monkey!)

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Yeah - each tile in the layer called 'main' is added to the game world one at a time. The game world provides collision detection. I'm sure if the adjacent tiles were joined together and added as a single body it would help reduce the draw calls, but the init function would have to have more logic.

for (var i = 0; i < this.tilemap.layers.main.tiles.length; i++) {
    var tile = this.tilemap.layers.main.tiles[i];

addBodyForTile: function(tile) {
    var body = new game.Body();

really great to have the tmx file, and be able to see the camera used with the tiled plugin. This template covers a lot and is going to get a lot of people up and running.

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