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Changing mesh center point

Art Vandelay

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I noticed that when I load a mesh at a certain position, the bottom center of the mesh will be at that position. For example, If I create a ground and then load a mesh at (0,0,0) then the mesh will be on the ground. So the actual center of the mesh is above the ground.

How can I change the center of the mesh so that, for example, its actual center appears at (0,0,0)? Is there some sort of offset I can add? I hope the question makes sense.


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Hi !

What do you mean by "loading a mesh" ? If you are actually importing a mesh (such as an .OBJ file) then its pivot is already given. You can change the pivot of your mesh by editing your 3D model in Blender/3DS Max etc.. and exports it again.

Moreover, in BJS, you can directly manipulate Pivot of a mesh. https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/pivots
Playing with Pivot and BoundingBox data to get actual center (so, the "offset") of  your mesh should be enough to reach your goal !

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