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Blender-to-babylon exporter broken for camera data


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Using latest blender 2.79 and latest exporter from Babylon team:

Camera and a cube animated 1-990 frames. On export, two things wrong occur:

  • cube position array is cloned to camera, ensuring camera playback is dead center of cube

  • once returned to blender, all /most keyframes sometimes deleted.

As a diagnostic task, I removed the box to only export the camera, which resulted in the camera keyframes being deleted and no file exported at all, resulting in a large diagostic failure log. It appears the exporter deletes the camera and keyframes during export, then attempts to export empty data ( list out of range )

For files see : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Exporters/issues/50



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This is the first I have seen of this.  I get so many emails from the main repo, I blindly delete them in mass batches.  This is way to counter productive.  I am going to stop watching on the main repo.

Will look at this tomorrow.  I do have a camera animation test scene, and blend file stored here if that might be useful.

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20 hours ago, Kingmangfx said:

Thanks. The blend file you have in repo is apparently no longer compatible with Blender @ 2.79. It's possible the internal data storage schema has changed for cameras enough to confuse the exporter.

Starting to take a look.  My local copy of that scene runs fine and exports.  I tried the repo version I linked.  The reason it fails to export is it also uses a texture file which is not packed in the blend.  Just want clarify suspicions about "internal data storage" changes for 2.79.  There are none.

Just got your zip from the issue.  Stay tuned.

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Ok, the .blend in the zip still has the action for the cube even though there is no cube.  This action has no frames. The reason for the exception is the exporter assumes there is at least one frame.  My bad.  I un-F'ed the action, saved the .blend, reloaded Blender & the scene, and zipped .blend exported.

This still does not speak to your original issue.  Keep in mind, during export, it is not really possible to distinguish which actions an object is supposed to participate in, only that an object has actions.

It gets tricky once there is more than object which has actions.  In this case, if you name your actions in the format of object-action, eg. 'MyCamera-fly' & 'MyCube-flip', then the camera will be exported with one BABYLON.AnimationRange called 'fly', and the cube with one called 'flip'.

That is most likely your problem.  I'll put it on my list to check for actions with no frames, but try this.

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