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Multiple Animation from same Skeleton

syed samoon

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Hi Everyone,

i have a doubt how to run a two animation simultaneously from a same skeleton without affecting 1st one.

i will play animation using below script.


i want to run this two animation without out affecting 1st one.


is this possible??

scene.beginAnimation(player.skeleton, 61, 126, true, 1.0);
scene.beginAnimation(player.skeleton, 0, 30, true, 1.0);
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Yes, @aWeirdo is right that starting an animation at the skeleton level really starts an animation on each of the bones.  Even if you do that though, your example shows one running for 31 frames & another for 66 frames.  Then you repeat.  This is just going to be a mess.  Better to combine them in the prior system, if you can.

FYI, this is one reason I am trying to integrate Kinect mocap directly into a MakeHuman blender add-on.  Scrounging crap from the internet almost never works right, or even close.

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