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How do i load an image and mask out the background color?


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I'm kinda new to the HTML5 scene.


I've been a cpp coder all along (and still am for my main job).


I've been considering quite a few HTML5/JS game engine(frameworks?) to start a personal project.


But it seems like i cannot find an engine that does the following.


for example.. let i have this image...


// from fms.. (license freeee yey)


i want to use this spritesheet but i want to load it without the background color.. 


is there a way to do this dynamically at preload?

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Is there a reason why you can't do this before hand in an art package? I mean like a really good reason? Because although this is possible to do with a simple canvas pixel scan, I honestly think it's a waste of time / memory in a game.


Well.. since I was going to use images off the internet(license free stuff..) and some images are prohibited for me to edit them.. 

But.. i guess I could just find other free images that i could edit/redistribute. 


thank you for the quick reply :D

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