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Camera Jitter


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I seem to be getting alot of Camera Jitter when moving or rotating my camera... If I just make a scene and spin around in circle with gamepad the whole scene background JITTERS...

it is really bad on the Xbox Using Edge (WebGL - 1) and Windows 10 Edge still jitters a bit but not a bad as the xbox one x.

On chrome using WebGL 2 you can hardly see the jitter ...

But it seems off that there is so much camera jitter on even a basic scene.

Anybody got any clues or heard of camera jitter issues when moving or rotating the camera... either using code to rotate the camera or simply using the attachControl to the current canvas method.

I read something about having to execute the computeWorldMatix on all other scene objects before moving or rotating the camera... Does that really help... seems like alot over overhead to iterate over everything calling computeWorldMatrix before I move the camera on every frame... That cant be right ???

Yo @Deltakosh or @RaananW or @Sebavan ... Got any clues or ideas to stop the camera jitter...


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Hard to reproduce in playground, I will try.


I noticed I only get it in Edge using WebGL1.... I Chrome with WebGL2 it works smoothly... can rotate the camera around 360 degrees and NO jitter or glitch movement...


But with Edge (Especially Edge on Xbox One) there is JITTER or GLITCHY movement... Again Chrome with WebGL2 is smooth as a baby's butt 



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