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Having trouble with P2 Physics Restitution


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Hi guys

I'm trying to learn how to do a bounce in P2 physics.

I have it working with bodies, that are setup specifically in the scenes init() function.

I'm however having trouble, when I want to create a ball 'class' and then spawn the balls on a click, while having them bounce of each other.

I don't understand how to setup the P2 material inside a class, so it bounces against itself.

If anyone could help, that would be awesome :)

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Hi @enpu

I have pretty much everything working, but I can't figure out how to make the balls (created out of the ball class), to bounce against each other.

game.createClass('S05Ball', {
    init: function(x, y) {
        this.sprite = new game.Sprite('s05Ball.png');
        this.sprite.position.set(x, y);
        this.body = new game.Body({
            mass: 1,
            ccdSpeedThreshold: 1,
            position: [
                this.sprite.position.x / game.scene.world.ratio,
                this.sprite.position.y / game.scene.world.ratio
        this.body.velocity[1] = 1;
        this.body.restitution = 1;
        this.shape = new p2.Circle({
            radius: 16 / 2 / game.scene.world.ratio,
            material: new p2.Material()
        game.scene.world.addContactMaterial(new p2.ContactMaterial(game.scene.wallBShape.material, this.shape.material, {
            restitution: 0.25,
            stiffness: Number.MAX_VALUE // We need infinite stiffness to get exact restitution
    remove: function() {
    update: function() {
        this.sprite.position.x = this.body.position[0] * game.scene.world.ratio;
        this.sprite.position.y = this.body.position[1] * game.scene.world.ratio;
        this.sprite.rotation = this.body.angle;
        if (this.sprite.position.y > 320) {


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