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GLTF multi materials 3dsMax exporter

Pierre Glibert

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Hello community :)

We have an object ( 2 meshes ) with multi material exported with 3dsmax to GLTF format.

In inspector, we saw that the exporter splitted our object to 13 meshes. One mesh for each material.

Is it possible to keep the same object but with a multi material option instead ?


Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day ;).

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The main issue is that the mesh and primitives in glTF does not match exactly with Babylon's mesh/submesh and multimaterials. I have recently changed the loader to load each glTF primitive to its own Babylon mesh because there were too many edge cases that didn't work correctly. We can perhaps revisit this and figure out a way to only merge the primitives when it is possible to merge them.

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hi @bghgary:)

Thanks for your answer. 

I understand what you say... but ...

It's just not easy, in the workflow, to work with that because our meshes are transformed/splitted with other name compared to 3dsmax scene.

If you find a way for "mesh/submesh and multimaterials" that will be cool. If not, don't worry ;)

Otherwise, good work :)

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