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De Highlight?


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After highlighting a layer... what is the best way to remove that highlight?

In other words: after addmesh() to a highlight layer, is there a remove mesh? 

Looking in docs, code and playground... .

For example: hover toggle highlight.

Falcon deep-dives... into deglow.



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SOLUTION: hooray... found it in the code. :ph34r:

         * Remove a mesh from the highlight layer in order to make it stop glowing.
         * @param mesh The mesh to highlight
        HighlightLayer.prototype.removeMesh = function (mesh) {
            var meshHighlight = this._meshes[mesh.uniqueId];
            if (meshHighlight) {
            this._meshes[mesh.uniqueId] = undefined;
            this._shouldRender = false;
            for (var meshHighlightToCheck in this._meshes) {
                if (meshHighlightToCheck) {
                    this._shouldRender = true;

The entire HighlightLayer is beautiful code btw.



yep, hl.removeMesh(mesh) worked famously.

Ok, happy to help. : )

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