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We are looking for Phaser developers


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Our company develop simulations of aircraft systems. We are looking for developers that use Phaser Editor, and has knowledge of Typescript or Javascript and Phaser. Also we will provide you our own framework for developing easier and faster. It's a fully freelance job and we will give you only deadline. Payment method is open to negotiation.

You can check our examples here:




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Hi again,

You can check my example project at:


Our framework is embedded inside Level.js file. Also I attached Phaser Editor project of example. It includes framework either as TypeScript and Javascript.

The exaple is completely dummy. Don't take it account as aircraft schematic. I prepared it only to show how the framework works. Also you can check the previous three real schematic example in this post.

The other attachment is the document that I used when coding B737 Hyraulic Schematic at the address:


We will provide these documents, sprites and animation spritesheets and want to get working schematic codes.

These are all the details about the project.



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