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Dissolve Shaded


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Hi all,

Would it be possible to create a dissolving filter effect similar to http://kylehalladay.com/blog/tutorial/2015/11/10/Dissolve-Shader-Redux.html with Pixi? I'm no expert on shaders but would really like to port the shader over to pixi. It would be a nice addition for the filter pack, a dissolve shader.

Hope to find some answers.


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In latest dev, "pixijs.download/dev/pixi.js" its possible to use fullScreen mode with "container.filterArea = renderer.screen", that way input will have the same size as output and you dont have to do mapCoord and filterClamp like speficied in https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v4-Creating-Filters . Basically, its pixi-v3 compatibility mode.

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