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On 2/21/2018 at 9:33 AM, 1glayfan said:


Does babylonjs have plan to support exporter for ProBuilder ?


I just found out out about ProBuilder for Unity if that what you are talking about.

I am playing with it now... it seems to be a geometry tool... so as long as you dont rely on ANY ProBuilder runtime code or ProBuilder Shaders (all shaders get conveyed to Babylon Standard or PBR Materials)... But seems to work fine so far :)

Note: ProBuilder is free and a part of Unity Now :)


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1 hour ago, 1glayfan said:

That makes a lot of sense. One question for you: how about unity shaders ? will they be exported fine into babylonjs ?

No... There is NEVER ANY Unity Runtime or Shader stuff in your BabylonJS game.

The toolkit is basically a BIG EXPORTER. It will parse the CURRENT scene looking for GAMEOBJECTS.

For every game object that has some EXPORTABLE info that we can make use of in our babylonJS RE-CREATION of the unity scene.

So things like materials and shaders NEVER actually use the Unity Material or Shader.... We will PARSE the GameObject that happens to have a Material on it... If that Material is one of the Unity Standard (PBR) material, it will SCRAPE as much info from the material like the MainTexture and albedo color.... WE THEN TOTALLY create a new Material in Babylon and simple use the values we scraped from the Unity Material... If it not a PBR we scrape down to a standard material.

So everything exported is either exported as Babylon.StandardMaterial or Babylon.PBRMaterial.  (We also support create your custom GLSL shaders, which is a subclass of Standard Material except you give it the shader name and you setup your shader properties/uniforms)

Here is a shot of ProBuilder made Ground and Stairs in BabylonJS:



Working great for me so far... Keep in mind about the material... they will exported as a Babylon.StandardMaterial....

I might in and look at the actual ProBuilder shaders and see if I can make use of ANY ProBuilder specific shader properties and port them accordingly... For example port the ProBuilder shaders to use PBRMaterial if the shaders has properties like Metallic and or GLOSS... I will look into that :)


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21 minutes ago, 1glayfan said:

@MackeyK24 Thanks for the explanations. I learned some new stuff today :)

Btw, do you have ETA for completing the 3.1 version of this cool unity toolkit for bjs ? Keep up the good work!

Dude... Thanks for the Heads Up On Pro Builder... I have removed my little simple primitive geometry create tools I add... No need ... Pro Builder is now Owned By Unity and is a Free part of the editor... Its pretty amazing ... Like a mini Maya right in the Unity Scene Editor, beveling, flip normals... etc... all kinds of stuff... I have not got the specific of materials yet, but as far as Pure Geometry and modeling right in editor... Is Very Kool.... And since it ultimately just makes content for the the current scene, and we parse everything in the current scene exporting out everything WE CAN SUPPORT... we pick up all the Dynamic Geometry changes... Beautiful :)


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Check this blob... ProBuilder Joins Unity


How to get the tools, what’s the roadmap

As said in the introduction, starting today these tools are available at no additional cost to all Unity subscription plans (Personal, Plus, Pro and Enterprise). Here’s how to get them:

ProBuilder is being integrated in Unity 2018.1 beta and a beta is available today via the new Package Manager.
Go to Unity Editor, menu Window>Package Manager, click All, select ProBuilder and click Install:



For Unity 2017.x & 5.6, add ProBuilder to your projects from the Asset Store. The version of  ProBuilder from the Asset Store will only receive bug fixes, no new features. All new features will be added to Unity 2018 and forward. Note that support for Unity 5.6 will end in March 2018.
If you purchased ProBuilder prior to its transition to Unity, you will notice that the Asset package is now deprecated. You can still access it from your Asset Store library, but this package will no longer receive any updates.




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Using Standard Material Pipeline With no changes works (because just basically exporting standard diffuse workflow with texture/normal/colors etc..)


I will be looking into as much ProBuilder specific Material Properties I CAN MAKE USE OF, IF ANY... But worst cast the Standard Material pipeline is working pretty good... if pro builder has PBR features, I will have try add that support, until then materials will be exported as BABYLON STANDARD MATERIAL



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