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Panda 2 and Retina Question / Request


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Hi @enpu

Jut wondering if there is a way to support 'retina' without needed 'hires' @2x assets.

In the case of Construct 2/3, they have a hidpi setting where it renders the content at the monitors 'actual resolution', not the zoomed in version.

Just wondering, if this is possible in Panda, in the cases where one might not want to use @2x @4x assets?

Thanks heaps!

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I have now replaced the retina attribute with hidpi attribute (makes a lot more sense since retina is just a term made by Apple).

Also fixed that so it scales the canvas to match the resolution of HiDPI screen, no matter if you are using HiRes mode or not.

When using HiDPI and HiRes together, it will first scale the canvas to match the HiDPI screen and then calculate if there is enough space for HiRes.

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