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Show scene while engine loading it


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Hi guys,

I've started to try playing with custom loading screen (it's fun), and I have a little idea: show in wireframe mode the scene while loading. This can lead to a cool effect I think.

But is it even possible? Because for now if I well understand, the engine show the first render of the scene only when all assets are loaded (that's make sense ;)), but is it possible to tell it to show while "building" the meshes?

(Sorry I don't know how to reproduce a loading screen in the playground to play around)

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Many people do not include a renderloop until the scene is ready.  That is the first thing to undo.  You might also have to set some switch to say to load things incrementally so they get shown as loaded.  I do not use a .babylon, but I seem to remember this.

Whether it will look cool or not I do not know.  A while back, I was loading busts using inline code.  The textures were still being loaded async though.  I would get eyeballs flashing & then teeth, before the larger body texture surrounded them.  It looked super disturbing.  This is one of the reason I started making grand entrances like poof & teleport to control things.  This does answer your question, is it even possible "Yes".

As far as grid material, even if you set grid on for a mesh/material, as long as the material was not ready, I think the mesh is not going to show.

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Ok I see. If I want to test this thing, I have to find how to make a scene.render() inside the sceneLoader.Append onProgress. And yes, maybe the blinking thing could be finally annoying...

Sounds too hard to do, compare to the likely visual-failure-effect. :P

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