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Changing frames in Phaser


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Hi guys,


I have this code in create()

lootCrates = this.physics.add.staticGroup();
lootCrates.create(600, 362, 'crate', frame = 1);

this.physics.add.overlap(player, lootCrates, brokenCrate, null, this);

I then have this function for when the player touches the crate: 

function brokenCrate(player, crate) {
            crate.frame = 0;

I simply want to change the frame to the crate being broken.... However, I get this error: "Cannot read property 'source' of undefined"


But earlier I did the exact same thing for a speedPotion where I did speedPotion.disableBody(true, true) and that worked perfectly.


Why is changing frame giving me an error? Thanks!

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Just to quickly explain why the way you did it before caused an error - 'frame' is a property of Game Objects and it contains a reference to an AnimationFrame object. The renderer uses this to draw the Sprite with. So when you set it to a zero it freaked the renderer out, because it was expecting a Frame object and instead it got a number.

Also, to change a texture you can use setTexture (which takes a frame parameter as well)

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