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bitmap text and webpack


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Hi, I'm trying to use bitmap text with my webpack set up. Webpack changes the filenames of my assets which causes problems with pixi.

When you load an xml file through pixi it tries to then parse bitmap text assuming that the png has the same name as the xml. 

In my case this is not true, so I'd like to parse the bitmap text myself (which pixi allows). But then how do I load the xml file? Again, if I use pixi it will try to do this automatically and fail (with errors).

I also don't quite understand how ppl are using this automatic system that relies on the names of the xml and png being the same. If you don't hash your file names, then when you change that bitmap font, the user may grab the xml from the browser cache and load in the new png which will result in some weird looking text. So what method are you using to break the cache when you upload new assets? Maybe you can add query strings to the assets instead?


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