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I need a turn-based game made with JS. Not construct-2 for god's sake ? but something that can be used independently with a plain clear code. The main approach is compatibility and performance. For low-tier mobiles too. I'd say mainly for mobiles, but workable for desktops too. I like this style, for example: http://angrybud.com/games/goosegame/ (the code is plain, neat, readable and editable over there).

For the first try I need it a single-player version, and (if we succeed) I'll order it extra as a multiplayer

This is a classic board with square tiles (not hex!) on a full-screen, where a player have a ship. And the field have sea-tiles where you can sail, and land-tiles where you cannot. To move a ship the player has action-points, and the Wind changes the direction every turn and by that alters the action-points. There is a rival on the same board and the player must damage the rival's ship to death. I need AI for this rival as well.

For movement: You have 3 AP. If you move along the wind the move is 3 AP, you cannot sail against the wind, you can sail on a sharp angle against the wind with 1 AP, and 90 degrees to the wind with 2 AP, and 3 AP if almost by the wind. See the attachment.

You shoot 2 tiles away the ship. Any direction regardless of the wind.

I think we can go down to more details if you are interested. I have quite a clear understanding how the full thing will look alike.

Can you support me with this?


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