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More than 4 lights?


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...on SOME platforms.  :)   Notice the "beware" in the docs link that Delta provided.

Can I assume you are male, MG?  ('Marian' just like John Wayne's real first name?)

Cuz, really, all mobile devices are made for girls and gimby-doodles.  No John Wayne-like real man.. would ever want to use one.  :)

When REAL men go mobile, they take a desktop, a generator, a couple cans of gas, and an Army-like Jeep.


Now THAT'S a mobile device!  :)

Waiting for girlie devices to get enough power to be anywhat useful... really made the computer industry do a tech-backslide of about 25 years.

There's probably about a quadrillion mobile devices (including remote controls, game controllers, and wireless mice) already in the dumps, and the numbers keep growing.

Manufacturing limp, non-upgradable, non-repair-able things... is never a good idea.

Mobiles are the Bic lighter of the electronics world.  Use for awhile, then throw it in a dump where it never bio-degrades.  Brilliant.

Plus, folks have spent SO MANY HOURS de-powering great software... so it runs on a walkie-talkie-like mobile handful of garbage - terrible.

Damn, that's some gruesome bashing, eh?  I need to do that sometimes... to make sure I'm still alive.  :D   I'm just joking-around, of course, but not really.  :o 

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@MarianGthis also got me. @DeltakoshThanks for the very nice clear answer. @Wingnut was a big help when lights stopped at 10 a year back... with various lighting experiments (kudos +1, thx). Disco ball is a classic. And prior ones great too.

 <JOKE removed>.

 @NasimiAsl, 3Dbomberman is great. Much better than the original. 

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10 hours ago, Wingnut said:

Can I assume you are male, MG? 

Yes :D :D

10 hours ago, NasimiAsl said:

this sample have 256(16*16)  light on one salon


Nice @NasimiAsl. Can you please point me to the light section on your code, or maybe a little playgroung extremely simple will help alot. Thank you.

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:D  But to get the true rock show effect... they gotta be spots... and they gotta have fake-volumetric smoke wafting thru their beams... using cones and fire/lava texture.


Now, ya do them big spot-array pans/tilts... to the beat of the music...  40 spots move here, 60 spots move there, and of course... you'll need a huge GUI lighting control/show-programming console...  which uses its own script language... likely with Wingy's world famous spin/spinTo/move/MoveTo funcs.  They are now script commands for your programmable lighting controller console.

I predict 2 FPS.  :)

And just for fun, make it so if you aim 100 or more lights, full power, at a mesh... it starts on fire.  COOOOOOL!  heh

Speaking of Fibonacci, didn't @jerome say something about building us some Phi-infested conch shells and pine cones... using BabylonJS ribbons?  hmm.  ;)   Perhaps it was someone else who said that.

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