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GodRay - always on top


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Hi again, TF.  Did you do a forum search for Godrays and possibly read... that they are a 2D effect? 

I'm no expert, but I will tell you what I MIGHT know.   Because godrays are 2D (a post-processing effect), they don't do 'depth sorting'.

You could use a partially transparent cylinder for your beam of light, instead.

I once used semi-transparent cones with fire texture applied... to simulate volumetric spotlights.


You might wish to do something similar.  Godrays work best when the beams are sort-of aimed/aligned directly toward the camera, and their emitting material is not occluded/blocked.

Likely, I am not explaining that very well.  Godrays are a 2D post-process, so they have some limitations.  Glow layers and highlight layers have these same limitations, I believe.

Perhaps others can explain it better/more-detailed than I, if wanted.

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Thanks a lot :). I did it using Fresnel - some tweaks is needed and it would be fine :) .

If someone need it:

        let fakeGodRay = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateCylinder("test", 25, 1, 10, 64, 1, scene);
        fakeGodRay.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 14, 0);

        fakeGodRay.material = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("fakeGodRaymat", scene);
        fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters = new BABYLON.FresnelParameters();
        fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.leftColor = BABYLON.Color3.Black();
        fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.rightColor = BABYLON.Color3.White();
        fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.bias = 0;
        fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.power = 4;
        fakeGodRay.material.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.9, 0.9, 0.3);
        fakeGodRay.material.useEmissiveAsIllumination = true;
        fakeGodRay.material.alpha = 0.2;
        fakeGodRay.material.alphaMode = 1;


FireShot Capture 153 - Slavs - http___localhost_3000_.png

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