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it's not working for my browser?


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Hmm... gun.parent = camera (line 56) works for 'stable' version of BJS, but not 'latest'.

Possible framework bug/change.  Perhaps @Deltakosh and/or other 'big dogs' need to see this.

Stay tuned.  Cool gfx, V.  Looks like a fun game!

On a different subject:  Z-fighting (flashing gfx while cam moves)... sucks, eh?  It is caused by two or more flat surfaces... sharing "surface" position (maybe same y-position). 

We need to separate floor/street "layers" by a tiny amount.  Perhaps...   .001 to .005 space/gap between 'layers'.  Air gap.  Good for insulating.  :) 

You probably know about z-fighting already.  Easiest fixed in modeling software.  Kbyeee.

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